We’ve been working hard developing new ways to improve the way we work together. At the request of and with input from our customers, we’ve developed a communication software package that promotes accuracy, while not significantly changing the role of the school photographer.

  • Order Tracking & Electronic Order Forms – Order Tracking and Electronic Order Forms will be done through the new order tracking will allow you to track jobs by seeing where they are in production, ETA’s and shipping info with tracking. Electronic Order Forms will allow you to be able to create and customize order forms. Our new FTP program will allow you to submit images corresponding with your order forms, with checks and balances to ensure that all images come through completely.
  • RAC (Reorders, Adjustments & Corrections) – The APS Customer Service program will give you complete access to all needed information to help your customers. In this software, you can view images, all package information from the original order, all data from the packages or services and reorder the needed products.

Just a few of the software packages we have experience with: