Why our Styles program will make you greater profits in school pictures

Deckled Edge StyleWhen we introduced our Styles program way back in 2005 one thing that immediately struck us was the jump in revenue (money) and volume (number of prints printed) that our customers were seeing. While this was a very good thing, it was unexpected. While most customers reported at least a 15-30% rise in revenue and profits per school, some schools were up over 400% from the year before!

Doddle StyleAnalyzing the numbers further, we discovered with our customers that both averages AND participation were up. Meaning that some one who had bought before bought a bigger package or more packages (average) and people who didn’t buy before bought something this time (participation). So the increase was beneficial in two ways for our customers.

White Reflection StyleSo did we discover some secret to school photography? Are we the smartest lab out there (welll of course we are…), did we make some secret sauce / pixie dust that we sprinkled over everything to make more parents buy bigger packages?

Argyle StyleNo, it came down to – CHOICES. We were offering parents choices for their school pictures. In the past they had gotten one picture on a blue background – they could now get 4 different, unique looks for their child. And analyzing the numbers bear it out – there were a number of orders that got two or more packages – all with a different style. Usually the additional styles were smaller packages; but it was clear that the parent was buying because they want both looks. In the past they didn’t have that choice. And we also saw a number of packages that were not the “main” style. That tells us that a parent who might not have purchased before liked one of the alternative styles better and decided to make a purchase.

Artist Vignette StleNow some labs do a program like our Styles program and charge the photographer more for the different styles (often calling it a “template”). We could never figure that out except for being a way to get more of your hard earned money! Because of our programming and digital expertise, it’s no more effort or labor for us to print one style versus another. So we charge the same price no matter* – to keep more of your money in your pocket.

Classic Vignette StyleNow of course this increase in revenue and participation happens for the first year or two you offer our Styles program – then it levels out. So while you’ll still have a higher average and participation, it will no longer jump year over year. That’s why we work with our customers every season to think of new styles, green screen backgrounds, or 3D green screen styles to keep things fresh and to always offer parents MORE CHOICES!

If you want more information how our Styles program can increase your revenue and participation, give us a call at 800-241-9234 x10 or jump over to our Contact us page.

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* To be completely transparent we do charge more for our Reflection styles. Because the reflected image is so highly zoomed we often have to manually adjust those to get them perfectly centered. So we charge a little more for that style only.

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