What’s the back of a print tell you?

Backprinting on back of printThe back of the prints you get from Advanced Photographic Solutions contain a wealth of information.  But just a quick glance at it may look like random junk that doesn’t make any sense.  Here’s a quick guide to what you see on the back of your prints:

Production # / Frame #: probably the two most important numbers you can tell us if you have a question or problem with an order.  This tells us exactly which job and which picture you are looking at and gives us a way to assist your faster and more efficiently.

DP2 or ROES Job Name: This is the reference # from your order form to help tie this print to a specific order you sent to APS.

Copyright Symbol and Customer Name: your copyright on the back of all of your prints to help protect your rights.

Number Assigned to a Print by DP2: Dp2 is our printing system; this number means something to our production people and is not used outside of the lab..

Customer’s Image Name: the name of the file you sent us and that made this print.  We can also use this to assist with orders as most orders will not have a duplicate file name.

Color Balance/Density Adjustments : these are the color and density corrections we made to your print to get it to look great.  Numbers +/- 30D or +/- 20R,G,Or B are well within normal range and nothing to be worried about.  Numbers greatly above or below that could be a cause for concern.

Date and Time: Date and time print was printed: useful for us to track to which shift / person printed your order.

Now as great as all this information is there is limited space on the back of a print.  And the smaller a print gets the less information we can print.  Below is a guide to show you what size prints show what information:




backprint-info-7-inch-and-under-largeHopefully this is useful information for you. So you don’t have to keep track of this post we’ve also added this information to the main APS website under to Info section.



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