Sports Specialty Items A little something extra

Sports customer love specialty items and buy like crazy!  We have one of the best mixes of specialty items to round out your package offerings.  If you don’t see something – give us a call.  We are constantly on the look out for new sports items to offer.

Most of our Sport products are our exclusive Color-Changers. Each product allows two custom colors to match your teams’ uniforms. No more generic templates – get sports products customized to match your teams!


Sports License PlateLicense plates come in both magnet and laminated versions .  Both are printed on metallic paper and feature the ability to change the colors and icon to match your team’s colors.  Magnet version sticks to metal surfaces; laminated version offers more protection.

sports magazine cover Every player wants to be featured on a Magazine Cover.  Ours are 8″x10″ in size and feature our exclusive Color-Changers to match the player’s uniforms.

Sports Memory Mate Memory Mates are the classic sports product every player wants.  Ours combines the individual picture and team picture onto a full-sized 8″x10″ print that showcases the player and his team.

sports team picture Players want to remember their team and what better way than with a Team Picture.  Ours are 8″x10″ in size and feature our exclusive Color-Changers to match the teams uniform colors.  Lots of space for the league and team name.  Other sizes and styles available – please call.

Double sided trading CardsOur Double Sides Trading Cards are a sure winner especially with younger players.  Our cards are full size and die cut with square corners to match processional cards.  Each one is printed with player’s information and picture on both sides and then laminated front and back to give the card a durable, protective finish.  Change colors and icons to match team colors and sport.

Sports tickets magnetsSports Ticket Magnets is one of our most popular items! Looking just like a ticket to a big-league game, you get 5 tickets per sheet.  Has spaces for name and team and each ticket can change colors to match the team’s colors.  Available on metallic paper or a magnet on metallic paper.

photo-sculpture-cut-outsPhoto Sculptures are a unique gift for any parent or player. We take your picture and mount it to durable acrylic. We then take a laser and cut out around the player, creating a unique stand up to fit into the custom wood base. Available in 3 sizes

 sports-buttonAlway popular, Buttons are sure to please Mom and sell like hot cakes! Our Buttons are approximately 3″ in diameter. Price includes cost of print.

Sports Trader Card Style MagnetsThese Trader Card Magnets look just like our Trader Cards but are on 4-3½x5 magnets. Each magnet is die cut and features our unique Color Changer so the colors match the player’s uniform.

Sports 8x10 CalendarAlways be up to date with one of our Sports Calendars. These 8″x10″ calendars feature a picture of the player and a year long calendar. We update the calendar each month so you’ll always get the next up-coming year

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