Sometimes you have to enjoy it a little

santa2The school business, like a lot of other seasonal businesses, it one of breath-taking highs and staggering lows.  With most schools in the US starting August/September and ending May/June, the time for photography is squeezed into a short 10-12 week period.  And that’s the time we are busy too.  We start hiring temporary workers early September and we are going 24 hours a day 6 or sometimes 7 days a week until December when it starts to slack off.  By 3rd week in December – there is barely any work left to do.

santa-at-workSo our employees sometimes get a little…um… STRESSED.  And we realize this.  So we try to provide some fun activities during the season to take the stress off and to reminder everyone the reason were here – to make great pictures and products for our photographers and their customers.

santa-and-a-babySo this year we did Santa pictures – The Sales staff has organized photographing the families of our employees for the past few years.  This is our way to show the production employees how much we appreciate them and how important pictures are to their lives – just like the schools and parents we serve.  It was a joy having approximately 40 of our employees and their families come in for a pictures with Santa and to tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas.  We had treats for the kids and one or two grown-ups told Santa what they wanted for Christmas too! I wonder who that is playing Santa…

santa1 santa2 santa-overhead santa-psing-the-kids santa-at-work santas-elf-and-a-helper santa-and-a-baby

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