Senior – Prints and Services

Senior Portraits by APS

Senior Finished Prints: the best prints we make.  Each print is individually corrected for color and density and then matched to the rest of the prints in the order.  Sizes from 4″x5″ all the way up to 30″x40″.

Senior Portraits from APS

Services: we offer a variety of finishing services for Senior prints to enhance their beauty:

Mounting:Simplest way to protect and preserve a print and a must for any framed portraits. We take your print and seal it to durable double-thickness mount board.

Canvas Board Mounting: An economical way to enhance a portrait without the high cost.  We mount your print to a mount board that has a canvas texture applied to it – giving the print a canvas like surface without the higher cost of an actual stretcher canvas mount. 

Stretcher Canvas Mounting: The ultimate finish for a senior portrait.  We take your print and physically mount it to a piece of artist canvas using heat and pressure.  It makes the print sink into the canvas giving it a deep and beautiful canvas texture.  We then stretch and staple the canvas to a stretcher frame – making your portrait just like an oil painting. 

Protective Sprays: All of our sprays provide UV-protection for your portraits as well as enhancing the look of the portrait.  Choose from a glossy or matte spray.

Brush Strokes: Brush strokes enhance the beauty of any portrait by giving the surface of the print the look like it was actually painted with a brush.  Our artists brush a liquid gel onto the surface of the print that dries clear but leaves ridges – just as if your portrait was painted with a brush.

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