School Software

APS Shoot Software Suite

We recognized that our customers needed a simple, easy to use software for a great price – FREE!  So we developed the APS family of software.  Consisting of 3 main parts (APS Shoot Entry, APS Shoot and APS Shoot Editor) it allows you to do as much or as little of the entry and editing work as you want.  We have also recently added the capability to shoot untethered using a small hand-held barcode scanner to make your shoot day even easier.  Give a call at 800-241-9234 to find our more!

Other supported software

Advanced Photographic Solution has always been “software neutral” – we don’t force you to use any one particular software like other labs.  Whether you like Photolynx, Timestone, Express Digital or a plain Excel spreadsheet we can handle your work.  Working with our staff of programmers here at the lab we write software to read your data and print your packages, service items, etc.

Using any software solution can save you additional cost.  Give us a call and we’ll recommend the best solution for your business!

Photolynx  TimestoneSchool-DaysExpress

RAC (Reorders, Adjustments, Corrections) Software

Our best loved software, this has saved our customers hours of work and increased their customer satisfaction. In this software you can view images, all package information from the original order, all data from the packages or services and reorder the needed products. Because the software is entirely text-based, there is no need to pull CD’s and find images; you simply search by whatever criteria you have and pull all information on one screen. The orders take place via FTP. If you do not have Internet, simply burn a CD or transmit via email. Color and crop will match what the customer received in the original order. These orders can be direct shipped and they are turned in only 48 hours.

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