Proofing Put your best picture forward right at the start

Proof Plans

off the wall flyer designProofing is a method that allows parents to view their child’s images prior to ordering a package. Proofs will include all data supplied and requested.

All proof flyers are customized to fit your needs. We will customize our basic designs for you or you can design them yourself. (Basic design fee is $40/hour) If you want to design them yourself, call for exact dimensions and design criteria.

11×17 2-sided proof

Pre pay Flyers

Our premier, best proof. 11″x17″ printed in color both sides, this proofs offers the most space to showcase your photography and packages. Flyer is also the money return envelope. Call for pricing one more than 4 poses.

9×13 2-sided proof

New 9.5"x13" flyers from APS

Our newest proof. 9″x13″ printed in color both sides, this proofs focused parents to the most essential packages and products that you want them to order – and that have your best margins. Flyer is also the money return envelope. Call for pricing one more than 4 poses.

8½x11 single sided proof

8 1/2 x 11 single page proof

Our value proof. Available printed front side in color, back blank on 8½”x11″ paper or one side in color, back printed b&w or color, these proofs are then folded and inserted into a 6″x9″ envelope that also serves as the money return envelope. Perfect for smaller jobs or where you have a smaller package program. Can be one pose in 4 styles or 1 thru 4 poses on the proof.

4 up strip proof

4 up strip proof

Our original proof showcasing our Styles Program – one pose shown in 3 or 4 different styles so parents have more choices.  Printed on 3½”x10″ photographic paper and then attached to a 9″x12″ envelope.  Envelope serves as money return envelope also.  Envelope only available in B&W print both sides.

Single Photographic proofs

traditional photographic proofs

The original style proof.  Available in 3 sizes, these are a single picture on photographic paper that we can attached to envelopes or you can.  Images are bulk analyzed for color and density.

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