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APS-logo ROESAs a lot of you know, our customer service department, Jason Baker and myself do a lot of the support for our ROES on-line ordering system. And we’ve learned some things over the years that can help you use ROES more efficiently and save you some trouble down the road.

ROES tip # 1 – Save Early, Save Often

Just like we all should be doing with our 401(k)’s or IRA’s; make sure to save your work early and often. Didn’t know you can save your work in ROES? Absolutely you can! On the bottom right of the Cart page is a button labeled “Save for Later”.  Click this, type in a name (I used the name of the school or job I’m working on) and hit enter.  ROES has now saved a small little text file on your computer.  If you now run into trouble like the power goes out, ROES crashed or freezes or your cat spills a soda on your laptop…  you can get back to the point of your last save by going to the Uploads and Saved Carts button and reloading this job t-look under the Saved Carts section.  I generally save every 10 minutes or 5 kids as I’m working in ROES – because you never know when trouble will strike!

Wishing you a Super Fantastic Day,

Stan White, Director of Marketing at Advanced Photographic Solutions

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