ROES tip #3: Are you using the right version of ROES?

APS-logo ROESBet you didn’t know that ROES actually has two version – and to get the best performance and less trouble you want to make sure you’re using the correct one. (Don’ worry – you probably are).  Back when ROES was first introduced it was based on a software language named Java by Sun.  Java is amazing in that it was one of the first cross-platform languages a programmer could use – meaning they could write one program that would work on Windows, Mac, and Linux operation systems.

But as we all know from having used ROES for a while Java was not without its own troubles.  As I understand it, it was very insecure; so there were frequent updates to the software to patch the security problems.  And sometimes when you updated it would “break” ROES so ROES wouldn’t start-up at all.  So the makers of ROES, Softworks Systems, helped us all out.  While the basic program still runs using Java, the installation /start-up is a little different.  It now uses a native Windows installer to make sure everything is correct on your system and then installs the ROES program and runs it.

So how do you know if you have the right version?   Easy.  Start up ROES: if you see this Java windowjava startup window open up you are NOT running the correct version.  If you see a box pop up that says it is checking the program, etc – that is the normal Windows installer and you are good to go.  (This Windows box appears and disappears quickly so it’s easy to miss).  So long as you don’t see the Java window when you double-click the ROES icon to start you are ok!

Now if you do see the Java box – you need to get the correct version for your system.  Click here to go to our launch page (see below) and click “Please Download the Installer Here”.  It will download the ROES Windows installer.  If asked to run it click yes or ok and it will install the software for you.  And from then on you will have the correct version to keep your copy of ROES trouble-free!

To keep your copy of ROES running well make sure to see my other blog posts – ROES tip #1, ROES tip #2

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APS ROES Launcher page

APS Roes launch page

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