ROES tip #2: Time for a little cache cleaning

APS-logo ROESHere’s another in my series of ROES tips:

When was the last time you cleaned the caches in your ROES software?  Oh wait, you didn’t know about the caches?  What the heck are caches anyway?  ROES, just like a lot of software, has temporary storage areas call caches where the program stores all kinds of information.  As you are using the program and when you quit the caches are constantly getting used.  And often they get corrupt from all the use.  I would say that in all the time I’ve been doing support for ROES a problem with slow response, freezes, etc can usually be attributed to the caches not being cleaned out.  I clean mine about once a month.


Clear Caches menu choiceSo how do you do it?  Couldn’t be easier!  Go to the Home tab in ROES. Look down on the bottom right of the screen and you will see Diagnostic Tools.  Click this and select Clear Caches.  


clear-caches-window This window comes up.  Make sure Clear Both Caches is selected and click Ok.  ROES will quit.  (Make sure you are not working on a job when you do all of this!  If you are see my last tip – How to Save your Work in ROES). Cleaning the caches will require you to download the program again from our website.  To do that go to and on the bottom right you’ll see a link Download our ROES software.  Click this and download the software again.

Clearing the caches keeps all of your preferences and packages so when you start back up you’ll have the latest and cleanest working version of ROES you can.

Wishing you a Super Fantastic Day,

Stan White

Director of Marketing at APS


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