Terms and Conditions General Info about Doing Business with Us

All pricing subject to change without notice.

Tax Exempt Information: All customers must complete sales tax exempt form E-595E, providing tax exempt ID for business. Advanced Photographic Solutions will not be responsible for sales tax. Please mail or fax complete form to our Accounting Department. Fax (423) 479-8077.


Method of Payment-Open Account: Credit application for an open account are available here. While your completed application is being processed, we suggest that you send a check or credit card number with your order to avoid delays and C.O.D. charges. Be sure to complete BOTH sides of the credit application – we can not proceed without all information being filled out.  Statements are mailed at the end of the month showing the amount due through the last day of the month. The statement balance is due, in any event, by the 15th of the month following the statement. Accounts not paid by the 15th of the month following the statement will be subject to a service charge of 1% per month, be placed on C.O.D. or asked for a credit card. There will be a $25.00 charge for all returned checks.


Method of Payment-Credit Card: Most of our customers provide a credit card number for use to charge their orders to. (It’s a great way to earn money back and rewards for your business!).  When we set up your account, we’ll need your business name, billing address and shipping address (if different), phone, email, card number, expiration date and CSV code from the back or the front of the card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


Method of Payment-C.O.D.: All accounts who have not established an open account or provided a credit card will be shipped C.O.D., along with the carrier’s C.O.D. fee. Any C.O.D. over $1,000 will require certified funds.  While we are happy to do this, make sure you realize the added expense the carrier (not APS) will add to your order for this service.  Call us with questions.


Shipping Charges and Methods: All orders are shipped F.O.B. Cleveland, TN. You may request most services provided by UPS or Fed-X. If no shipping method is marked on your order, we will ship via Fed-X Ground. APS will not accept responsibility for loss or damaged packages by the shipping carrier. All claims are to be filed with shipping carriers. Shipments may be insured at the customer’s expense.

Inbound shipping is the responsibility of the customer.


Returned Packages: If a package is returned to us through no fault of ours, a $20.00 service charge will be assessed as well as the additional shipping charge to reship the package.


Billing & Order Adjustments: All adjustments must be requested within 30 days from the date the order is shipped from our lab. Unacceptable prints are to be returned, with a copy of the invoice, before an adjustment will be issued.


Remakes: In the event that a remake is necessary, remember that you must:

(1) return the original print, (2) return the original order envelope, (3) supply clear instructions concerning what you want corrected, (4) return the original invoice, and (5) return the original digital sports information sheet (if applicable). All remakes and disputes must be handled within 30 days of invoice date or invoice stands as is. Remakes will be shipped back to you Fed-X Ground at no charge (if the remake is due to a lab error). Any other special shipping methods will be billed to your account.


Limit of Liability: Submitting film, prints, slides, negatives, magnetic or optical storage media to Advanced Photographic Solutions for processing, printing or other handling constitutes an AGREEMENT by you that any damage or loss by our company, subsidiary, or agents, even though due to the negligence or other fault of our company, subsidiary or agents, will only entitle you to replacement with a like amount
of unexposed film and processing or blank storage media. Except for such replacement, the acceptance by our company, subsidiary or agents of the film, print, slide, negative or storage media is without other warranty or liability, and recovery for any incidental or consequential damages is excluded.


Internet/E-mail Services: You can receive a daily report of orders which we have received in the lab, as well as orders which have been shipped. To join the Auto-Report system, just send a request by e-mail. Our address is sales@advancedphoto.com


Samples: Reasonable quantities of samples are available at a 50% discount from list price. Contact our Customer Service Department for details.


Print Regardless: Images that are grossly overexposed/underexposed or show severe color distortion will be returned unprinted. Should such images cover events which cannot be re-photographed, we will handle them on a “PRINT REGARDLESS” basis with a mutual understanding that the results may fall short of normally acceptable professional standards.


Rush Orders: When rush service is needed please contact our Customer Service Department to determine availability and cost. Writing a “need by” date will not generate a rush handling of your order. Rush orders requested in half the normal delivery time will be subject to a 50% rush charge. Rush orders requested in less than half normal time are subject to a 100% rush charge.







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