Design your Own Flyer

We welcome you to design your own flyers – however ,there are a couple of critical things to keep in mind.  Failure to follow these specs will result in delays in your flyer!

  1. Contact your service rep for a Form Number. All flyers require this and it will need to be added to the form
    BEFORE you submit your print-ready artwork. The Form Number will need to be placed on the front and back
    of the outside flyer and in the upper right corner on the inside. They have to be placed in these locations. See
    example shown below.
  2. All PROOF flyers will need a student data box on the FRONT and BACK of the flyer. The placement and size
    have been standardized for production. THE REQUIRED DATA BOX SIZE IS 3.1”wide x 1.6”high. The placement is
    shown in the example on the below. The boxes are now required to be in these two locations.
  3. We design all of our flyers in Adobe InDesign. If you design your flyer in Photoshop, you must make sure that
    ALL text is 100% black before submitting the artwork to us. This is a MUST.
  4. Contact your service rep for specific size information.


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